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At Kalamazoo Country Day School, we believe that art is not only a creative outlet but also a way of learning fundamental skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Students will explore the art of drawing, painting, sculpture, and beyond!



Our Spanish class is led by an experienced teacher who is passionate about helping students learn how to speak and write in Spanish. We teach the fundamentals of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, with a focus on building practical language skills that can be used in everyday situations.


Performing Arts

Drama education is child-centered, play-based, cooperative, inherently flexible, and offers young people a fun and active way to practice the 4Cs: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Theatre is a social art. Teamwork and communication are essential to success yet, the result is not competition but connection. Connection with the school or city community through performance. Mistakes are normalized in the rehearsal and improvisation process. There is permission, safety, and encouragement to explore. The confidence and compassion gained in drama education can extend far beyond the classroom.

Social/Emotional Learning

Social/Emotional Learning

Our social and emotional learning class aims to help students better understand their thoughts and emotions, to become more self-aware, and to develop more empathy for others within their community and the world around them.


Physical Education

Physical education is essential to ensuring that young people have the tools and knowledge to stay healthy and active for a lifetime. Our PE classes are geared toward developing motor skills and physical fitness, as well as teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship.

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