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Grades 5-8
Middle School

KCDS is committed to creating a positive and growth-oriented environment for students during their middle school years. Our dedicated educators provide a rigorous academic program that is designed to challenge and engage students while cultivating character and social awareness. We believe in the importance of supporting the whole child.


Middle school is one of the most transformative periods in a child’s life. At Kalamazoo Country Day School, we believe that social skills development is just as important as academic achievement. We provide a welcoming environment where students can feel comfortable being themselves and engage in meaningful conversations with their peers. Our curriculum is designed to challenge students academically, while also fostering their emotional and social growth. We believe that by building these foundational skills, our students will be successful in all aspects of their lives.

Middle School

All curriculum at KCDS is standards-based, rigorous, and individually tailored for student success.

Math Curriculum


Student Centered: Students work in study teams of 2-4 which provide for - Student discourse and sharing of ideas. - Students to take risks, question, and refine their ideas. Problem Based: -Problems are engaging, non-routine, thought-provoking tasks. -Embedded questioning allows students to construct their knowledge. -Teamwork creates safe productive struggle on challenging problems. -Students make sense of the mathematics they are learning. Research Supported: Curricula grounded in an extensive and growing research base. Connected Knowledge: - Students explore the connections within math. - Topics are interleaved throughout the course. - Mixed, spaced practice keeps topics fresh in students’ minds. - Practice illuminates connections throughout the year.

Science Curriculum

Open Sci Ed

In OpenSciEd classrooms, students learn science through discovery. Developed by leading science researchers and educators, our instructional model is designed to align with how students learn best. Our curriculum is phenomena-based and centers student-led questioning, investigating, and problem-solving, with teachers supporting students as learning facilitators, rather than lecturers. This approach fosters a classroom culture where everyone matters and is heard, building unique skills for educators and students, and empowering them in their education journey.

Student Lighthouse Team

Middle school students at KCDS have the opportunity to be part of the Student Lighthouse Team, giving them the opportunity to take on school-wide leadership roles. These opportunities include leading school-wide assemblies, partnering with younger grades to support learning, planning and facilitating community service projects, and bringing to fruition their vision of ways to promote a community of leadership at KCDS.

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