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Planning continues and the list is a long one…so the Auction committee is reaching out to the KCDS community.  Sponsorship is vital to the success of our annual Auction and we are asking for your help.  Perhaps you own or work for a company that could sponsor, or maybe you want to recognize your family, student or a special teacher.  There are four levels of sponsorship and your business or family will be recognized on the web site and all printed Auction materials.  Of course, anonymous donations and sponsorships are accepted as well; there are plenty of ways to be involved, so contact Joanne Stewart for details.
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This is the alumni info index.  Below is information submitted by former students.

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Quotes from some students from the Class of 2005



Some Members of the KCDS (nee KA) Class of 2005

Future plans and how KCDS has impacted them


Hilary H.-Hollins University (VA)

"KCDS impacted me most through the individual attention that I received in working on my study skills and through the constant sense of security I felt while sharing my ideas."


Katharyn S.-Swarthmore College (PA)

Katie: "I think the small class sizes were definitely a plus, and the subject matter in general was more advanced so it really gave me a good foundation for what I would learn more about in high school."


Brian R.-Carleton College (MN)

Brian: The small classes and advanced material that we covered really gave me an edge when I got to high school. Also, the study habits I learned at KA have stayed with me and been a huge asset."


Monica T.-Yale University (CT)

"I agree with Katie and Brian's points about small class size, advanced subject material, and good study habits. I felt well prepared in pretty much all subject areas.

I'd like to add that I thought it was great how KA brought together students of different ages and fostered a sense of community and responsibility (reading to our buddies, school "productions", supervising the younger kids in recess, etc)."


Magali M.-Royal Holloway (England, UK)

"I have to agree with all of you and just add the helpful teachers, due to the small class sizes we got a lot of one on one time with teachers and extra help which I thought was really good!"


Anita T.-Rhode Island School of Design (RI)

"I agree with everyone on the stuff about KA. Small class sizes and helpful teachers were great, and the advanced material really helped in high school."


Elizabeth G.-Undecided: Lake Superior State University, Grand Valley State University (MI)

"Let me reiterate for the umpteenth time that the small classes and large workloads were what impacted me the most. Thanks to KA, transitioning into high school wasn't incredibly hard because I'm so used to working hard and knowing how to budget my time appropriately."


David G.-Michigan State University

"KA really helped me prepare for high school. The small classes and awesome teachers will always stick with me throughout my life. Oh, and all the studying techniques we learned have had the biggest impact on my grades."


Whitney R.-Green Mountain College

"The part about KA that impacted me most... teachers who honestly cared about what you learned and your grades, and many hands on learning experiences rather than just text book. Oh and also the freedom we had at that school, I feel like teachers/adults treated us like adults and trusted us and gave us room to grow and learn."


Katie's Story


I attended KCDS, which was at the time Kalamazoo Academy, for my middle school years.  KA's inspirational and innovative instructors created a learning environment in which all students could find success.  KA gave me the tools that I needed to overcome my dyslexia and led me toward a successful career in education.  The skills I earned at KA made undergraduate and graduate school a reality instead of a dream.  Currently, I possess a Masters in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University and hold a teaching position at Portage Central Middle School.  All of this was made possible by my parents' life altering decision to enroll me at Kalamazoo Academy; without this school I can almost guarantee that I would not have achieved the very happy and successful life that I relish today.

Catherine "Katie" Mein Overheul

Class of 1991

The Teachers Were Amazing


KCDS is a good school. When you are there you don't tend to appreciate it. Honestly, I miss the people more than I miss being there. The teachers were amazing. Most of the faculty was. You never truly understand just how good the teaching is until you are in high school...

Haroon C., Class of 2009

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